GVO Philosophy

GVO chooses Balance as a gold standard, as a daily practice as a decisive strategy in each business and personal relationship.
In nature, Balance is an achievement, not a given route. In GVO’s philosophy, Balance is the mediated result, conceived and elaborated with awareness, wisdom, expertise, knowledge and every conceivable skill and ability. It is the expression of equivalent opposing forces, each one discharging vast energy contrasting with and opposing its reverse with equal resistance. GVO is constantly seeking balance in situations where the forces at stake oppose one another. Just like in life, both personal and professional.

The great charm of all forms of balance lies in this composition of contrasts, in the resolution of the differences, in the creation of harmony; that harmony inherent in the beauty of nature and art which moves us. And yet again it is Harmony which denotes diverse forces expressed in a composition: deriving from the Greek armozein, that is, to connect, harmony = arrange- ment, proportion. The ar- root similarly indicates union, arrangement, common also in art and arithmetic.

The power of Balance therefore, is conveyed by the people who make up the GVO team and all the GVO products. The result of this kind of philosophy is to guarantee maximum results (the Power), in harmony with our patients’ skin (the Balance).


Up to now, two skin ageing management techniques have been used: on one side, the carrying to the dermis, mostly injectible, of “raw” materials from cell use; secondly the bio-reconstruction treatment, able to create the organic regenerative cascade reactions that increases the amount of collagen, even though in a non specific way. the third way, is to start new strategies for functional recovery, through a “phys- io-progressive regeneration” in a specific and targeted manner. The awareness of science in natural biological mechanisms have led to a redefinition of “skin concept”: it is important to respect the natural epidermidis homeostasis, in order to reach and treat the dermis layer. Unlike stem cells derived from internal tissues, epidermal stem cells show a poor response to aging. They don’t appear to be diminishing in terms of number and functionality with increasing age and show no changes in gene expression and responsiveness to development. It is also important to think about the fact that functional and structural changes in dermo-epidermal junction components generate skin ageing.

“the epidermis informs the derma”

As a result of the peeling experience our “revolution” is to preserve the epidermidis with a light penetration treatment, so that the dermis is stimulated by active substances, including biomimetic peptides, with a regenerative and stimulating effect. We take advantage of the latent energy of the epidermis that, if properly stimulated, amplifies the revitalizing and regenerative ability of the skin.


“Exhausted” skin needs to recover the rigenerative capacity: GVO plays a maieutic function in the field of beauty care. The epidermis, acts as an interface with the external environment and should cover and protect the tissues, allowing and limiting the inward and outward passage of water, and various substances. Allied with the nerve and immune cells, which create the barrier and the forefront of the sensory system, it has to be quick to repair external chemical-physical injuries, and protect from pathogenic microorganisms.

“re-educate skin to learn”

The physio-regeneration’s goal overturns the considerations of the past and gives back “dignity” to the epidermidis, boosting its ability to penetrate to the underlying layers. While it increases its hydration, the delivery of active ingredients has been activated, especially the bio- mimetic peptides, able to establish a meaningful dialogue with the skin.

“beyond “wow” effect”

The skin thus finds its own way with a “biochemical keys” that open its barriers without trauma and without changing its “physiological balances”. It enables the production of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, the reorganization of the extracellular matrix and the basal lamina and produces a restorative and proliferative effect on the same fibroblasts, on the production of collagen and on the metalloproteinases inhibition.

“elasticity skin increase and mitigation of wrinkles”

The first effect of this bio-stimulation will be the appearance of skin damage, triggering alarm bells, but it will not be a real damage and the answer will merely be a physiological regeneration instead of a “reparative” one. In other words, the response will be the induction of reticular fibrillar collagen, typical of young skin, instead of fibrotic scar collagen, typical of mature skin.

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