Ionic System 10.5

Intensive treatment characterized by the complete presence of “Electrolized Ionized Water” (EIW), or rather electrolytically reduced water, deoxidized, ionized and alkalinized. Thanks to this complex physical treatment, the chemical-physical standard features of water are drastically modified. Water assumes a predominant anionic charge, alkaline pH, with an important reduction of its surface tension that goes down from 72 mN/m to 56 mN/m. Functionally this is reflected into an amplified EIW ability to penetrate into the deeper epidermal layers. Skin hydration values, expressed by skin electric conductivity, increase significantly after applying EIW, compared to the implementation with “pure” water (Figure 1). With increasing skin hydration after application of EIW, at the same time we have a very marked boost in the channeling of active ingredients into the deep epidermis layers. A study conducted with lidocaine (Figure 2), the active pharmacological substance used as a standard in the study of percutaneous absorption processes, shows how the absorption of the molecule strongly increases if the molecule is conveyed with the EIW. Clinical studies have shown that the constant use of EIW markedly stimulates the physiological processes of regeneration, even in the case of skin lesions, significantly reducing the healing time. Microbiological tests confirm that EIW has a high inhibitory power in the growth of many bacterial species, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Propionibacterium acnes. A significant inhibitory effect was also confirmed on the proliferation of Herpes simplex virus (2 type).

Electrolized Deoxidized Ionized Water (EIW).

Figure 1
increase of skin hydration after application of EIW
(from: TDI – S100 A.I. System Products Corp. – modified)

Figure 2
increase of lidocaine absorption with EIW
(from: TDI – S100 A.I. System Products Corp. – modified)

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