Ionic System 2.0

Conveyor treatment based on a balanced pool of simple and complex alpha, beta, poly-hydroxy acids and Inositol hexa-phosphoric acid (IP6). This blend is buffered with arginin resulting in an amphoteric system and “time release” complexes. These complexes are able to modulate the skin penetration speed of hydroxy-acids, with a clear reduction of their potentially irritating action. The lack of any side effects allows the application and use of this product even in cases of extremely sensitive and delicate skin. Thanks to the different chemical-physical characteristics and the capacity to form complexes with calcium ion, these molecules are able to penetrate in a differentiated manner in the various layers of the epidermis, by modulating the adhesion of the calcium-dependent desmosomal complexes and creating temporary enlargement in the epidermal texture, thus enabling the channeling in the deep layers of exog- enous active molecules. In addition to affecting the integrity of the epidermis barrier effect, the subtraction of the extracellular calcium ion induces important effects on cell proliferation and differentiation and on the release of cytokines, messengers are able to transmit the “stimulus” signal up to the dermis. The high willingness of simple and complex poly-hydroxy acids and of IP6 to the formation of complex also with the transition-metals (Iron and Copper) ensures a very strong oxidant and photo-protective activity. The treatment does not produce any visible exfoliation.

Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Glucono-lactone, Lactobionic Acid, Inositol Esa- phosphoric acid (IP6) in complex with Arginine; Turmeric extract (title: 95% in Curcuminoids).

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